My name is Wardiyanto, my parents gave that's name to me. I won't change that's name because I am very respect and thanks you to my parents. Maybe the name it's a little strange for you when you call my name. My Mom's name is Wartinah, and my dad's name is San'atma. I've 7 brothers and 2 sisters, and I am number six childs. My brothers and sisters are getting married…only me and my little brother are still single. Since I was born…..I am never seen my grandMa & grandPa, 'cause they was die when I was born. I was born in a village……it's very cold and cool and without polution too, and that's place is isolate from pine mountaint……'s so far away from noise town……that's my village…….no lights …… asphalt. But in 1994, My village got rural electrification & asphalting of a road. If we are going to near town, it's almost lessthan 2 hours. 90 % common people at here are farmers, and when I was child …..the plays to played only at the river, pine forest, wet rice field…..and we never wached televition because we don't have too. My village is famous with coconut, clove, greater galingale &pine latex.



In August 17th, 1997 ( this is Our independence Day) and I heard news Mohammad Saifudin/Udin was die (he's journalist from Bernas news paper) and it was sensation news. I went to Jakarta , eventhough with hard feeling…..but that's my choiced and I don't intend to worked, just visited my brother (to next waiting a while to prepare next year I'll try to college again). In the circke at Jakarta is very tight…..and I ordinary. Especially my brother (Agus), he apply the diciplines in my daily activity. Afterwards…I am waiting to practiced what I've got from Jogja to help my brother in Graphic Designer….and until now…I can't going back to Jogja…..I do not know when I can come…. together with my friends. Once again thanks for Mekko Sofrando, Achid & Edy. They already took me at Umbulharjo terminal…….I am still remember the incident. Thanks too Tiar & you remember when you brings picture frame……….ha..ha..ha.


Now I am staying at Jakarta 4 years. The incidents in last years is beautiiful experience in my life. Now I am working and being graphic design & photografer at PT Maxima Grafis Singhasana & the members are the persons who closer with me….and they are my brothers