Strategy and Resources

Our policy is that each work assigned to us will be handled directly and personally by a partner. This is to ensure that the matter is conducted in the most efficient and cost effective way. If the case so requires, we will form an efficient team consisting of specialists depending on the nature and size of work. We also ensure that the partner in charge is able to discuss the current state of the case with the client at any time.

To that end, our strategy is to maintain high level of partners who have many years' comprehensive and commercial experience in the marketplace and to call on additional resources we draw from our domestic as well as international alliances.

We have entered into strategic alliances with a number of local law firms across the archipelago. We are also a member of TAGLaw, an independent international law firm association having more than 117 member firms worldwide in over 67 countries. Through TAGLaw, we are able to access quality legal advice for our clients conducting business in other countries and is able to provide prompt answers and advice to clients on matters of law around the world. The detail information concerning the TAGLaw can be viewed at